A Preface


Red Diamond Cleaning Services is a licensed cleaning company dedicated to helping you run your business and protecting your family. With over 20 years of excellence and continuous team training, our specialized cleaning services are masters in the art of cleaning. Our expertise lies in our quality work and distinguished customer satisfaction.

So if you're a building owner or facility manager, come find us for formidable commercial cleaning. More so, we also provide services to homeowners for a superior standard of residential decontamination. Infact, we appeal to anyone who seeks a hand to wipe their floors and window ceilings clean.

Our well-trained employees save you from going through the hassle and leave quality work with every swipe of a smudge. With excellent quality assurance, we offer the best value at the most affordable price. Our exceptional customer services together with a licensed and insured team of trained cleaners offer the best cleaning service in town.

Feel free to get in touch with us, we are one call away to make your place dirt-free!

Our Mission

Through commercial and residential

Through commercial and residential cleaning, we aim to create an environmentalist out of every individual. With matchless cleaning services and the comfort offered, we aspire to proliferate cleanliness. Our mission is to meet success as the business grows. Surely, our fortune equals to your prosperity and in foresight, the ultimate goal is to leave a mark of excellence only; better the world.

Our Vision

We envisiona healthier planet

We envision a healthier planet with fresh air and a clearer ambiance. We see polished commercial buildings, unstained residential structures, and neat lawns. We seek to keep your loved ones safe and eliminate every hazard of pestilence or epidemic to cross our thresholds. Without a doubt, our insight imagines a prospect of triumph. Indeed, we perceive organizational and world development in the years to come.

Our Values

We stand high on the chaste pillars of strong ethics. ● Respect ● Integrity ● Excellent Service ● Honesty

Why Choose us

Our pricing and value deem us peerless. With superior expertise and experience in the relevant field, our founder is knowledgeable about the quality of work from other cleaning businesses. In accordance, Diamond Cleaning Services matches and exceeds it with a price range much lower. Hence, with quality, we offer affordability and the best-trained staff to leave a permanent impression.


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